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Danny BreedenDanny Breeden was born in Charleston, West Virginia in 1949.

In his early twenties he worked as a guard in a maximum-security, juvenile prison in Ohio.

After thirteen months, two riots and several dozen fights with the inmates he moved to Florida looking for a more peaceful life building motels and shopping malls.

After many years of hard work, health problems forced his return to the somewhat less strenuous field of corrections. Dan spent four and a half years working at a Federal Halfway house in West Virginia. This is where he acquired his knowledge of marijuana cultivation.

When guarding Federal prisoners grew tiresome and the cold winters near unbearable, Dan again moved south. While recovering from a broken ankle he started writing to help pass the time.

Although he had no formal literary training, Dan did have the good fortune of moving next door to Russell Rice, the longtime University of Kentucky sports information director who was also a patient, published author and Pulitzer Prize nominee who encouraged him and gave Dan's efforts direction.

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Marijuana: Prison or Profit? is a book by Danny Breeden about marijuana cultivation in Appalachia.

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